Why You Are Still Single (for ladies)

Earlier on, we spoke about why men are single, if you didn’t get it, click the link and find out:Why You Are Still Single (for guys) It would therefore only be fair to unravel the mysteries of why so many ladies are single or unhappy with their men You are talking to a man you […]

The Know Yourself Personality Quiz (results)

The results to the know yourself personality quiz. If you haven’t taken the test yet, take it first so that your responses won’t be biased. For those who already have, below are your results. Question 1; this will define the priorities in your life. Put the following five animals in your order of preference, i.e. […]

The Know Yourself Personality Quiz

An extremely simple way to know yourself in just 3 Questions. Try it. It works. This test is a lot of fun, the only condition is you must answer honestly. Don’t worry, no one will see you do it. Now get yourself a pen and somewhere to write and let’s get started. TIP: -the first […]

The Rules of Power (p4)

The final piece in the four part series of power plays.   Create compelling spectacles. When you do something difficult/impossible, don’t explain it and people will fill in the logical gaps by themselves. Mystery is attractive. Think as you like but act like everyone else. Envy and prejudice of all other people are very powerful […]

The Rules of Power (p3)

Part three of the four part series of power plays. Concentrate your forces. The more spread out you are, the weaker you become. The key to success in achieving your goals is to invest in one a single goal and go get it. Multitasking hinders effectiveness in achieving results.   Be humble but shine in […]

The Rules of Power (p2)

Part two of the four part series of power plays. Learn to keep people dependent on you. Learn people’s needs and weaknesses and resolve yourself to be an indispensable asset to them. This will ensure you are always needed rather than wanted.   Use selective honesty to disarm your opponents. Find points of commonality and […]

The Rules of Power (p1)

We all play power games, so we might as well get good at it. Here is the first part in a four part series of power plays to make you a pro. Never outshine the master. Avoid victories over superiors. Competitions and challenges with your superiors are good if they are a source of their […]