Ladies, Hear This Loud and Clear. Guys Read Too.

Dear Ladies.. Things you need to understand from men: 1. Understand men love sex, love sex, and love sex. Denying your man sex is like hitting self- destruction button for that relationship…he may even leave you for your blood sister or even mother due to sex alone!!! 2. It is not about how deep a […]


Most of us consider success something that’s limited to the great people in society. Those that are intellectually smart. Those that are physically attractive. Those with leadership qualities etcetera. Funny enough, none of this is the reason why people become  successful. Its simply resilience. Never quiting and trying every time you fail. In a quote, […]

Why People Make a Place Their Home

People make a place their home for various reasons. They all have different stories as to why its the case but thank heavens, it all comes down to just two things. The reasons why people make a place their home. They are either, Running from something Or Looking for something. So take this moment and […]

The Know Yourself Personality Quiz (results)

The results to the know yourself personality quiz. If you haven’t taken the test yet, take it first so that your responses won’t be biased. For those who already have, below are your results. Question 1; this will define the priorities in your life. Put the following five animals in your order of preference, i.e. […]

The Know Yourself Personality Quiz

An extremely simple way to know yourself in just 3 Questions. Try it. It works. This test is a lot of fun, the only condition is you must answer honestly. Don’t worry, no one will see you do it. Now get yourself a pen and somewhere to write and let’s get started. TIP: -the first […]

How to Be an Expert at Anything You Do.

Become a part of the top 5% exemplary people in society. Naïve practice is when you do something continuously over a period of time with no intent to increase your skill level in that activity. Purposeful practice is doing something continuously over a period of time with an end goal/outcome to become better at it. Purposeful […]