The Steps to Great Leadership.

Becoming a better leader in your everyday life.

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We are all leaders in various aspects. We can be leaders as elder brother/sister to guide your siblings, we can be leaders in our company to train junior members, we can be leaders as parents to guide our children to the right path or even leaders to ourselves as we strive to achieve our goals. Regardless of how we think of it, we are leaders. We therefore need to become great leaders if we are to achieve anything in life. Below are the leadership mandates you need to follow to become a better leader to yourself and all those around you.

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  1. Be honest, see it as it is, not worse than it is so you have an excuse not to try.

Most of us like to look at life from an unrealistic point of view where we make things worse than they are so we have an excuse not to try. Most of us will make our problems seem as though they are impossible so we don’t even have to attempt to try. Pessimists are a category of people who see things worse than they are so they have an excuse for not trying. Seeing things worse than they are requires no energy, no effort and its definitely easier than being straight forward honest with how things really are. This is being gutless, scared and afraid of taking action.

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Leaders look at things exactly as they are. They have the guts to look at things as they are, say they are going to make them better than they are and then actually get down and do it.


  1. See it better than it is and set that as your standard.

A leader must have a vision, he must see the future better than the present is then work towards it to make it happen. A good leader sees it better than it is, a great leader does the number 3.

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  1. Take massive action to achieve it.

No amount of positive thinking without action will change the future. You have to take initiative to create and turn your vision into a reality. Create a strategy to achieve your vision and go for it. Aim to achieve your vision. Be flexible about your means, not your goals.



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