The Rules of Power (p4)

The final piece in the four part series of power plays.


  1. Create compelling spectacles.

When you do something difficult/impossible, don’t explain it and people will fill in the logical gaps by themselves. Mystery is attractive.

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  1. Think as you like but act like everyone else.

Envy and prejudice of all other people are very powerful tools in hindering your success.

  1. Stir up water to catch fish.

Create false alarm and your enemy will run to what they hold most dear exposing their weaknesses.

  1. It pays to be generous.

What you give almost always comes back with dividends.


  1. Be unapologetically you.

Don’t make it your life’s effort to become a better version of someone else but a better version of you.

  1. Cut the snake at the head.

Don’t attack the sheep, attack the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.

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  1. Work on the heart and mind of others.

Be agreeable. Win and influence people. A man who wins another’s heart gets more than they bargained for, a man who wins another’s intellect gets only that which he has paid for.


  1. Find common ground.

Match people’s energy, cultures, eat what they eat, share their values and admire them. This will earn you more friends than trying it the other way around.


  1. Preach change but don’t change quickly.

No one loves change, Small incremental changes will have a greater effect than massive change instantaneously.

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  1. Never appear too perfect.

The humbler you seem, the more human you seem, the more likeable you become. It takes massive effort to conceal your weaknesses, appearing too perfect makes you suspicious.


  1. In victory, learn when to stop.

A great leader wins battles, a wise leader knows when to stop after he has won.

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  1. Assume formlessness.

Don’t fight change, if you do, you reduce the amount of time you get to have to adapt. The more flexible you are, the greater your ability to change and adapt. Be water my friend.


This marks the end of the four-part series of the rules of power. Hope you learnt something and better yet, that you will apply some of the rules learnt therein in real life because as you may know, only application of knowledge is wisdom.


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