The Rules of Power (p3)

Part three of the four part series of power plays.

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  1. Concentrate your forces.

The more spread out you are, the weaker you become. The key to success in achieving your goals is to invest in one a single goal and go get it. Multitasking hinders effectiveness in achieving results.


  1. Be humble but shine in your own light.

Don’t be the black sheep amongst the white, instead be the sheep with a short tail. Be different so you stand out as unique but not so much you stand out as a target.

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  1. Recreate yourself.

Choose to be who you want to be. The world is your stage, you get to choose your own part. If you let yourself disappear into the crowd, your presence won’t be noticed and your absence won’t be missed.


  1. Keep your hands clean.

Don’t be someone’s scapegoat. If someone uses you to do their dirty work, people won’t blame him, they will blame you. Don’t be anyone’s pawn.


  1. Play on people’s need to believe.

There are two types of people, those who want to know, and those who want to believe. The world is filled with people who want to believe (believers), use it to your advantage.

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  1. Enter action with boldness.

Confidence is key. Courage isn’t the absence of fear but the presence of it yet you still forge on regardless.


  1. Plan all the way to the end.

See your goal to the very end. See the outcome before you begin your plan. This will keep you motivated to achieve it and also make you flexible with your means to achieve it.


  1. Make your stunts seem effortless.

The true magic in the success is to make it look effortless. Boast about how much work you put into something and it loses its initial flare of success. Magic is the making of impossible seem effortless.

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  1. Get others to play with the cards you deal.

People like to think they have a choice, give them choices that favor you whichever card they choose.


  1. Discover each man’s weakness.

Become an invaluable tool to them in handling their weakness. Know the weak spots in your opponents and figure out how to deal with them. In contrast, don’t expose your own weaknesses.


  1. Be royal in your own fashion.

Be a king in your own right. What you tolerate is what you get. Your standards yield your results.

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  1. Master the art of timing.

With time comes change, learn when to adapt, when to react and when to lay low.


  1. Ignore things you cannot have.

When you ignore something, it has no power over you. Ignore those things you upset/anger you and they will have no power over you.


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