The Rules of Power (p2)

Part two of the four part series of power plays.

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  1. Learn to keep people dependent on you.

Learn people’s needs and weaknesses and resolve yourself to be an indispensable asset to them. This will ensure you are always needed rather than wanted.


  1. Use selective honesty to disarm your opponents.

Find points of commonality and dwell on that with your opponents. The more alike you two seems, the more likeable you seem to your opponents.


  1. Always say less than necessary. Only speak when you have something valuable to say.

The more you say, the lesser it counts.

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  1. When asking for help, appeal to people’s self-interest.

Human beings are selfish, we all are. Don’t seek help by stating what you are going to gain from this interaction. State what the person you are asking the favor of is going to achieve. This motivates them to want to do something for you as opposed to them having to do something for you.


  1. Pose as a friend. Work as a spy.

Judge a person’s character by what they reveal of themselves.

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  1. Crush your enemies.

If you give a chance your enemies a chance to change their ways and they don’t, don’t merely wound them. Completely obliterate them. An enemy merely wounded will fight back with a vengeance never seen before. A wounded enemy seeks retribution. Completely destroy your enemies.


  1. Use absence to increase your value.

Give people time to miss you. Think, salt is cheap and undervalued even though it’s very important in cooking yet diamonds completely useless jewelry is valued at millions. Why? Scarcity. Scarcity heightens value and demand. However too much of scarcity makes a product no longer wanted/necessity. Learn the balance in the two. It’s better to be told,’ I have missed you’ than to be told, ‘you are here again’


  1. Cultivate an air of mystery. Unpredictability.

People can’t prepare for what they can’t predict. Predictability is boring. Avoid it.

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  1. Isolation is dangerous.

If someone seeks to isolate you from people or people close to you, they seek to control you. Avoid people who try to cage you into a box. They seek to control you.


  1. Don’t commit to a side.

This opens up more responsibilities, less control and more obligation. If you commit to anything, it means new challenges and requirements of you. Only commit if you are absolutely sure it’s what you want. This may be in relationships, love, politics, you name it.

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  1. It’s foolish to be openly smart, it’s smart to be openly foolish.

No one likes a know-it-all. And to be quite frank, they don’t live long either. People who strive to illuminate their strengths and highlight the weakness of others are always disliked. It’s better to be thought foolish and learn more than act a know it all and be disliked by those you seek to lead.

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  1. Surrender to win over on your weakness. Choose to fight another day.

When given a choice to surrender in a fight you are clearly losing, whether in business or any other aspect in life, take it. It’s better to surrender and live to fight another day than to fight and die that day. Lose the fight to win the battle.


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