The Rules of Power (p1)

We all play power games, so we might as well get good at it. Here is the first part in a four part series of power plays to make you a pro.

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  1. Never outshine the master. Avoid victories over superiors.

Competitions and challenges with your superiors are good if they are a source of their valuable expertise and experience. However, if it’s to prove that you are better than they are, it will deter the formation of good valuable relationships. Avoid victories over superiors, it’s just not worth it in the end. Think of Saul and David.


  1. Never put too much trust in friends.

Trust from a distance. Former competitors make better friends. People are selfish and seek their self-gain as a priority. If you over trust, you will be hurt by those closest to you i.e. friends. Think, Judas and Jesus. Ceaser and Brutus.

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  1. Conceal your intentions. Mystery is beautiful.

An open book is boring to read, as opposed to a book hidden is a safe. The contents of a safe are far more intriguing to have than the contents easily available. More is less and less being more.


  1. Say less than necessary.

Say less than you have to. The more you speak, the lesser value what you say has.


  1. So much depends on reputation, build and guard it with your life.

Great people have their reputation precede them. Reputation precedes you wherever you may be heading to. Build it and guard it with your life.

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  1. Court attention at all costs.

All publicity is good publicity. It’s better to be on the spotlight than to disappear in the crowd.


  1. Get others to do the work for you.

For that which you are ineffective at, have other people do for you. Don’t let yourself take multiple tasks you are incapable of effectively performing at. This just builds your reputation as a poor performer. It’s better to reject work than say to it and perform poorly at it.

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  1. Make other people come to you.

Increase your skill-set so you become an effective and indispensable tool to those around you. A source of good vibes and positive energy. A positive happy skilled confident person is a human magnet to all people in society.


  1. Win through your actions, not your words.

Words only mean so much. Don’t be the person who speaks about what they are going to do. Be the person who goes out there and does it. Action beats all level of talk. Take massive action to achieve what you want rather than just talk about it.

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  1. Avoid the unhappy and negative. Cut of the firecrackers, try to extinguish them and you will burn.

Energy is infectious. As human beings, we become a product of the people we stay around the most. People who hang around toxic people in the hope of making them better people becomes marred with their negative energy. Don’t play with dirty pigs and expect to come clean.


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