The Know Yourself Personality Quiz (results)

The results to the know yourself personality quiz.

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If you haven’t taken the test yet, take it first so that your responses won’t be biased. For those who already have, below are your results.

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Question 1; this will define the priorities in your life.

Put the following five animals in your order of preference, i.e. in the order you want based on whatever criteria you want. The animals are:

Cow signifies Career.

Tiger signifies Pride.

Sheep signifies Love.

Horse signifies Family.

Pig signifies Money.

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Question 2

Write just one word that describes each of the following:

Dog>> your description of a dog implies your own personality.

Cat>> your description of a cat implies the personality of your partner.

Rat>> your description of a rat implies the personality of your enemies.

Coffee>> your description of coffee implies your interpretation of sex.

Sea>> your description of the sea implies your own life.

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Question 3

Think of someone important to you (the person must also know you) then relate them to each of the following colors i.e. each color signifies a single person, do not repeat names so ideally, you should have five names. The colors to relate them to are:

Yellow>> this is someone you will never forget.

Orange>> this is someone you consider a true friend.

Red>> this is someone that you really love.

White>> this is someone who is your twin soul.

Green>> someone that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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There you have it, the answers to the quiz you took. Hope you learnt something about yourself. Till the next article, ciao.


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