How to Get a Promotion and Earn a Bigger Salary.

The simplest formula to getting a promotion at work and earning BIG.

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We all want a bigger pay, a higher seat at work or in our organizations or even in church. In all truth, no one likes to be small, whether at work, in business or organizations. We all want to be the leaders everyone looks up to. We all want to have that gigantic salary and huge allowances. So how can you get from being a junior to being the senior in your organization. How will you change from the company messenger to the company CEO? The formula lets you know how.

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The formula to getting that promotion and rising up the food chain is take more responsibilities than you need to. Get out of your comfort zone, if you hired someone to produce 100% then he/she instead produces 80%, will you promote them?

On the other hand, you hire someone to produce 100% then they produce 150%, will you promote them?

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A promotion or a higher salary or even huge allowances aren’t based on the time you have spent in an organization but on the quality of results you have produced in the tasks that have been appointed to you. This is why someone will work for ten years in a company as a secretary while the cleaner will be promoted to messenger to assistant secretary> technical assistant> …> until finally, he gets to be the company CEO while the secretary is still the secretary. The more responsibilities you take under your wing, the bigger the salary you earn.

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So, if you still haven’t got me clear, to get that big salary, it’s not the native sangoma witch-doctor you need to visit. Increase the skills you have, improve the quality of results you produce and take on more responsibilities than you are required to and soon enough, you will be earning more than you were employed to.

A promotion is not luck, its going the extra mile to produce very phenomenal results.


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