How to Create Unyielding Momentum.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

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We all start doing something and we are so enthusiastic in the beginning and everything at that very moment seems possible. Yet as we continue to try to achieve our goals, we run out of momentum, our enthusiasm dwindles and before long, we quit. If this sounds like someone you know, maybe even you. Here’s how to create momentum that never ends and enthusiasm that never dies.

  1. Create a base.

This is your starting point, for example, I can create a base of, every day I go to the gym, I want to do twenty press ups. Then I set off to achieve this goal. My base is 20 press ups.

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  1. Challenge it

Once I achieve twenty press ups and it becomes easy, I will challenge myself to do fifty press ups. I will keep trying until I achieve it.

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  1. Reward yourself

After achieving what I had challenged myself to achieve, i.e. 50 press ups, I reward myself with something I really like e.g. ice cream. It doesn’t have to be expensive (your reward)

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  1. Repeat

Once you have attained a point of comfort with what you had challenged yourself to do. That becomes your new base then you challenge yourself with something greater e.g. 75 press ups. This procedure is repeated endlessly.

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This will help you create momentum in any and every aspect in your life. You could increase your confidence by becoming a better speaker. It works on everything, go for it.


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