How to Be Charismatic

The Robert Downey Jr way to be charismatic.

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We all know Robert Downey Jr as the charismatic person behind the Iron suit in the marvel production Iron Man, Avengers and so many more of his acts. We all love him, honestly, who doesn’t?

Here are the five things that make him really likeable by everyone and such a fun person to be around.

  1. Take your time to absorb the moment. Move at your own pace.

Downey doesn’t hurry through anything, if its a party, he absorbs everything at his own pace. He not only takes his time to absorb the moment but also enjoys it. In application to your life, when you get the opportunity to be on the spotlight, don’t rush. Take your time, seize the moment and enjoy every part of it.

  1. Be actively participating in a conversation.

Anyone who has watched Iron Man or Avengers knows all too well that you just cant get to have Tony Stark on the background. He actively participates in the conversation and speaks confidently, at his own pace and speaks his mind. This projects his more as a force to reckon with and as a leader than a passive member of the conversation. Pro-actively participate in conversations. Don’t be the person who is only noticed when everyone is saying goodbye and they be like, “wait, you were here this WHOLE time?


  1. First give a short and witty answer, in a happy tone. Then give the serious answer. Let everyone else laugh at your joke, but not yourself. At most, give a smirk.

Most people when asked a question will give a direct straight answer in response to the question asked. As much as this is an invaluable trait during interviews, it is a very bad quality to possess particularly in conversations with people. Downey Jr always responds with a short and witty answer first then gives you the real answer to your question. This banter makes the conversation fun for both parties. Avoid answering questions asked with one or two words and instead say something witty, then reply the question.

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  1. Give compliments but finish with a joke or a tease. It removes the pressure and makes the statement mysterious.

Most people have been taught to give compliments by stating what you like about the other person. This however much effective it may seem is a poor method as it always leaves the other party pressured to either compliment you as well or say thank you. Charismatic people don’t make other people feel pressured.

The right way to give compliments is by stating what you like about the other person and finishing it with joke or a tease such as, ” I love your hat, it reminds me of Santa Claus.” Compliments completed with a tease makes the other person smile and at the same time wonder if you really meant it. Remember, compliment with a tease always.

  1. Don’t slur or rumble. Talk at your own comfortable pace.

Most people when given an opportunity to talk has quickly run thru what they want to say. This comes of as weak. Take your time as you speak, this makes you sound clear and in control, which is what makes people look confident.

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Do this and you will have charisma on command. Right when you want it.


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