How to Be an Expert at Anything You Do.

Become a part of the top 5% exemplary people in society.

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  1. Naïve practice is when you do something continuously over a period of time with no intent to increase your skill level in that activity. Purposeful practice is doing something continuously over a period of time with an end goal/outcome to become better at it. Purposeful practice is far more productive in increasing skill-set and capacity to handle new challenges outside your comfort zone. Break down the goal into tiny bits then aim to achieve the tiny bits every day. Success in achieving your goals isn’t as a result of achievement of big goals instantly but the cumulative achievement of small chunks of your goals.
  2. Focus on just one aspect of what you want to achieve and work to get it. Notice, one aspect, not multiple goals. Clarity is power.

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  1. Get immediate feedback on whatever you are chasing. Then use the feedback to analyze whether what you are doing really works or not. If yes, keep doing it, if not, stop and reanalyze your means and try again.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone. By frequently operating at the edge of your comfort zone, you are able to stretch yourself and have new limits.

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