FITNESS 101: The Only Secret to Eliminating Body Fat.

Do you want a slim curvy sexy looking body (ladies)?


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Do you want ripped biceps, huge chest and brick hard six pack abs men?

You go to the gym. You do crunches, sit ups, pull ups, bench press, press ups and take a jog in the morning. You do your cardio and squats every morning. Your friends think you are a fitness nut. But, you aren’t seeing the results of your serious training routine yet.


You have a very intense rigorous diet.

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You don’t eat meat because it’s too fatty. You don’t eat French fries because they are literally drowning in a sea of fat; something you are trying to get rid of. You don’t eat fast foods or processed sugars. Your friends think you are obsessed with getting slim; getting fit. Yet, you aren’t seeing the results of your strict food intake routine.

Most of us fit in either one of the categories. And something common about it is; it only produces results when you start. Eventually, No amount of dieting is getting you as slim and curvy as you want to be (ladies) and no amount of sit ups and crunches is getting you that hard set of six pack abs.

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Friends will tell you to keep trying harder. And you do. Failure. One last resort, you go to the internet seeking advice from fitness experts. And you get the same old advice; train harder and you will get results. You’ve tried that, and you know it isn’t true. Others will tell you to ration your food intake but again, you know that doesn’t work either.

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Frustration. Disappointment.

There’s a way to achieve 100% results.

It’s possible to get that curvy beautiful body and men, it’s possible to get that set of six pack abs and thick big biceps.

Elimination of body fat depends on two major concepts:

  • your food intake
  • your energy requirements.

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A man working in a building firm (mjengo) will eat an egg with tea then work for an entire day. Due to his high energy requirements, his body will use up all the food he ate. Fats on his body will be broken down and converted to energy to serve and provide for the man’s high energy requirement needs. End of the month, the man will be ripped. Abs and biceps will come naturally.

What’s my point?

The only way to eliminate body fat is by both watching your food intake and increasing your energy requirements.


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It’s simple, consume more food than you need for your daily activities, it will get stored as fat under your skin. If you ate less food and exercised more, you will get fit and lose the accumulated body fat. It’s the simple secret to fitness. Eat less than you exercise or exercise more than you eat and you will have that figure, a fit body. You will reduce the amount of fat you have on you thereby achieving your fitness goals.

The opposite is true as well.

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If you eat more than you exercise, you will get fat and unhealthy. You will develop diseases that come with obesity, your muscles will be frail, weak and poorly developed, and your abs and waist will be permanently none existent.

I know you want to look good. It’s proven that people who feel good are more successful in life. People who are confident about themselves are able to confidently chase their goals.

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People who feel good about themselves have happier relationships, lead better positive more successful lives.

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Wouldn’t you like to feel healthy again? Wouldn’t you like to get those stares from men? Wouldn’t you like to be able to take of your shirt in front of ladies and have them drooling over your six pack abs, firm chest and ripped biceps?

Apply the secret and that will be you

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Exercise more than you eat. Eat a balanced diet and drink a lot of water to replace the water lost during exercise. Get plenty of rest and you are on your way to success. Guaranteed.

Ps: the first place that accumulates fat; mostly the back, waist and stomach, is the last place it will leave. Before you get that flat tummy (ladies), get rid of that potbelly (men), you will have to get rid of all the other body fat you possess; on your chest, your thighs, your ass. No amount of sit ups will get you a flat tummy. It needs to be an all body fitness routine. It doesn’t matter you just want biceps or abs or a bigger ass or flat tummy. You need to run a full body work out, head to toe to get quicker and better results. Fitness isn’t meant to be a routine. It’s meant to be a lifestyle.


Leaks Guru.

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