What Does A Man Want More Than Love in a Relationship?

What is the one thing a man desires more than love?

Heads up, it’s not sex.

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There isn’t a man who is perfect, and well, neither is there a woman who is. All in all, we want someone who will love us, flaws and edges, wholeheartedly. We all want to be loved like that, whether you are a man or a woman.

Focusing on just women on this article, there’s a lot of things you may do that make tick the time bomb in your relationship with your man.

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This includes nagging, criticism and lack of appreciation. All this, a man can take with a smile on his face and shrug it off. Men can stand just about anything. Even the most nagging woman can drive a man who loves her crazy yet still, it’s not the one thing capable of pushing your man over the edge.

So what is it? What breaks a man? What pushes him right over the edge?

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You could deny him sex for a week and he wouldn’t treat it like a big deal but if you roll your eyes twice in one day when he talks. Tiny arguments over nothing will erupt into fights. You will have a man who is literally living on the edge in that relationship.

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If love was a tree, nagging would be like a little razor cutting the branches; it would take a very long time to make any significant change. Consider disrespect to be an axe, take a few swings on a tree(and depending on how old it is), the tree will inevitably fall within a short time.

How is disrespect expressed by ladies in relationships? Try this if you relish the idea of being single or desire to be approached by men who just want to have a taste of honey.

1: You don’t trust his judgment.

You question, criticize every nook and cranny in all of his ideas.

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This may come off to you as caring and considerate but to him, this comes off as lack of trust in his judgment and decision making capacity.

How to deal with it: Affirm his decisions without questioning them (within reason of course). Simple phrases like,” you’re right” “I trust you” “do your best, I know I can count on you”. These simple phrases are like oil in your relationships…they keep things moving smoothly and effortlessly.

2: You don’t ask for his help or advice.

Asking for advice from your man will make him feel important.

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I’m not talking about asking your man over what kind of nail color you should have on (you have your girlfriends for that sort of thing). I am talking of the things that matter: your goals, challenges and obstacles on the way.

How to deal with it: share with your man; let him help you solve your problems. Men like fixing things, let him fix your problems every once in a while.

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3: You criticize more than you appreciate.

This is like a deep dark abyss in a relationship.

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If a man chooses to do something for you, then when he offers it to you, you criticize it endlessly. It’s the easiest way to stop your man from doing anything bigger in the near future

How to deal with it: honey attracts more flies than vinegar.

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Sometimes the act or gift may not be what you wanted or exactly like you wanted it done. However the thought, the intention behind the act is something to appreciate. Appreciate the effort before someone else does it for you.

That said, there are some things that are a hell no in relationships.

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Avoid them like plague in your relationship. They are:

  • You call him an idiot…in front of everyone(may hellfire come upon you)
  • You roll your eyes when he talks
  • You let other guys touch you in frisky flirty ways…in front of him
  • You are sarcastic
  • You never let him finish talking
  • You don’t talk to him, you talk at him(like a pastor preaching a sermon to his loyal congregation)
  • You are always late
  • You badmouth and gossip about him
  • You laugh at his concerns and insecurities(the devil has reserved the innermost circle of hell for you)
  • You consistently try to make him feel unworthy, weak and less of a man
  • You physically insult him through slaps, and other manifestations of physical violence(simple word of advice, every man has claws, one day you will push him to the corner and he will scratch you, violently)

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Disrespect is never sweet especially if you are on the receiving end, avoid using it as a weapon in relationships and you have a greater chance of keeping that man until he says “I do

Ps: if you are a man, understand simple economics, scarcity increases value and demand. You are too available if she is doing this.

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Get your wussy sissy ass up and get a life. Odds are, if you are being disrespected, you are around her 90% of your free time. Tone that down a notch. Hanging out with a single person for more than 60% of your free time means you are killing your social life and hobbies at the cost of your relationship. A great relationship observes the rule of scarcity; reduce time spent together and the value and demand of it will be higher and more greatly appreciated.


Leaks Guru.


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