5 Reasons She Has A Mpango Wa Kando.

I bet this wisdom is right underneath your nose.

Ever wondered why she has a side dish?

Wonder Faces Clipart #1

Here’s a fact, it’s your fault 9 out 10 times. Here are five reasons why she has a mpango wa kando and how to make sure she doesn’t go looking for one.

1: Bed Game.

You are as good as a cooked goose if your bed game is weak. If you are the two minute pump chump, she is going to get her a bad ass thug who knows a thing or two about longevity. If you have never got her to Orlando(orgasm), grab yourself a book on sex and read it like the holy bible before you get benched and someone else rides her like a stallion.

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Remedy, have that “talk” about what turns her on, what techniques work for her and try to set the mood before sex. Smell good as well, nothing kills the mood faster than a man that smells like a skunk. Your man cave should not smell like a sewer or look like squirrels invaded your apartment looking for nuts. On longevity, focus on her, increase foreplay and get in the cooking jar when she is literally handing it over to you, thinking of your grandfather’s hairy legs doesn’t work. #also find that movie called, How to Make Love to a Woman. It will give you great pointers.

2: Boredom.

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The initial fun is over now that you got her. The passion and desire to have her is slowly dying out now that you have her. Women love excitement in their lives. They love being pursued. They love playing hard to get. They love the attention you give them. You would surprise them with gifts and outs when you were courting her. Now that you got her boned her, you only call her when you want to spread your genes. Newsflash! If things start getting stale and boring with you, she is going to look for the excitement elsewhere. When you are no longer interesting, funny, charming and thoughtful like you used to, odds are, if you don’t have her attention, someone else does.

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Remedy, keep your head in the game. Be spontaneous and exciting. Keeps things as exciting as they were when you two met.

3: Appreciation.

When you met, a single day wouldn’t pass before you told her she is beautiful. You told her how you loved her beautiful eyes. You gave her flowers.

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You told her how much you couldn’t resist kissing her. You told her how much you love and treasure her. You told her how much you enjoy her company. You always had something sweet to say and a compliment to share. Yet now, the only time you say that is during foreplay or when you are asking for money. You only sweetheart her when you are broke or darling her when you are horny. Heads up brother, if she isn’t hearing the sweet stuff from you, she is going to go looking for it from someone else.

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Remedy, show appreciation through romantic candle light dinners and compliments. Not surface compliments like ‘you look good’ but meaningful honest compliments like “ I love how beautifully the dress you have on looks on you” A compliment a day keeps a side nigga away.

4: Attention.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. When something pisses us guys off, we want to punch someone’s face in. When something irritates your lady, she wants to vent about it by talking.

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Ladies will talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and talk about everything, from new shoes to her broken nails. You need to let her talk to you. That’s how you got her in the first place. She talked and you listened. Let her talk to you about her dreams, goals, ambition, her day, and everything else in between. Be a good listener. You don’t even have to be in a position to help her fix her problems, often times, just a listening ear is enough. Beware, if she isn’t talking to you about her problems, she is talking to someone else, woe unto you if it’s one of her “caring” male friends because, a shoulder to lean soon becomes the d*ck to ride on. Period.

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Remedy, actively listen to her talk. Ask questions about her and her life. It both communicates interest and love. A happy woman keeps dryspell at bay.

5: Insecurities.

Believe it or not, your insecurities as a man will make your woman cheat on you.

Image result for jealous man cartoon pics

If you are continuously spying on your womans whereabouts, going through her facebook, instagram and God knows what else. You want to know who she was with, where she was and what she was doing.This doesn’t come of as cute or caring, its called stalking your girl and going FBI on her ass over who she was with and what she was doing.


Image result for dont touch my phone pics

Most women can handle this for a while, but in this smartphone generation, DON’T TOUCH her phone. EVER. Two reasons, if you are caught, you are dead. And if you aren’t then you happen to find something you don’t like, you have no way of conveying it. Think about it, how will this conversation end; hey babe, I was going through your phone and I got some guy called Spencer and John calling you darling, who are they? Her response,” you were WHAT?!!! Sneaking to use my phone and going through my phone messages, my whatsapp…(drumroll, you will be the one apologizing at the end) nothing chases a woman faster to the hands of another man than an insecure jerk who is continuously investigating her every move and text.


Remedy, up your game and pull your nose out of her phone and social media handles. Guys are bound to be hitting on her,( she is beautiful, don’t think you are the only one who has noticed that) if she is still with you, it means you are doing something right. Don’t f*ck that up by hanging your insecurities where she can see them. Be confident, or atleast, act like you are.

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In summary, do this and she won’t have to find a side nigga

  • Get her to Orlando(orgasm).
  • Keep things exciting.
  • Appreciate her.
  • Be interested in her and her life.
  • Be confident.


Leaks Guru.


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