Run Dear Boy.

by badpvnda

She will haunt

She will taunt

There is no escape

There is no hope left to relate to

There is little to eat

And hurting feet

The ache goes unpleased

The pain unable to be washed away by tears

For the house is haunting The night is daunting

The creaks awakening

Run dear boy, run

For she is coming for you

The blood of your veins shall be splattered all over the wall

Run dear boy, run

Do not fear me

I dont wish to harm you

Fear her

With her long white death dress

The blood constantly dripping from her sad eyes

Her laugh willing to draw you in

For she is disguised

Run my dear boy, run

Almost night

When she comes

Your bones will melt

Your flesh will be ripped from your body

And all that will be left Is the skin of your body

So run my dear boy, run

For it is night and I fear it is too late

So come to me

And spend the night at the haunted mansion Where nothing is a lie

But the one

Where I said you can trust me

Well you can’t

Say goodbye my dear boy, goodbye

#dark #darkness #trust #poem #darkpoem #darkpoetry

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