What are our true limits? Is what we believe impossible truly so? The human race has consistently broken records for doing what was perceived impossible by an earlier generation. Think about it, there was a time not too long ago when communication across the ocean was deemed impossible, until Alexander Bell did it. There was  […]

Quality advice

Hey guys, Judge the *quality* of advice you are given based on the length ,  quality of relationship and the kind of challenges they’ve been through together. *Be careful about getting advice from so-called friends whose relationships haven’t lasted longer than yours. Its like asking a jua-kali artisan to build you a plane just because […]

Power Quiz Of Achievement

There are Five Questions That Can instantly get you to achieve what you want and get you back on track. *_* Question 1: what do I really want? This question is to clarify what your true vision is. It will help you see your target with more clarity.  *_* Question 2: what is important about […]

The Wealthiest Place on Earth

What is the wealthiest place on Earth? ~ ~ ~ Live your life so you don’t need a tombstone.  Successful people don’t need a tombstone. The only reason we need a tombstone is because we lived such pointless lives that they have to mark where they “plant” us.  I want you to live your life […]

Money and You

Money is a game of asset allocation. Simply learning to put your money where it gets the most returns (income) with minimum risk. Check it out below Mmmmm Have you ever noticed that no matter how much you earn, you find a way to spend it? The bottom line is, if we feel like we’re […]

Really Awesome Content

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