Ladies, Hear This Loud and Clear. Guys Read Too.

Dear Ladies.. Things you need to understand from men: 1. Understand men love sex, love sex, and love sex. Denying your man sex is like hitting self- destruction button for that relationship…he may even leave you for your blood sister or even mother due to sex alone!!! 2. It is not about how deep a […]

How To Know A Person’s True Colours.

The three ways to know a person’s true colors. We all have behaviours we are not proud of that. Behaviour that sometimes doesn’t fit into society’s criteria of what a person’s behavior should be like. We have become so good at hiding our true selves that most people, even those closest to us don’t really […]

How To Create A Breakthrough.

Creating a breakthrough. A breakthrough is that moment after continuously trying to achieve something, you finally break past the glass and achieve it. This can be in trying to achieve happiness in life or relationships, becoming financially secure or enjoying financial freedom. We all need breakthroughs on a consistent basis in order to feel like […]

Why You Are Still Single (for ladies)

Earlier on, we spoke about why men are single, if you didn’t get it, click the link and find out:Why You Are Still Single (for guys) It would therefore only be fair to unravel the mysteries of why so many ladies are single or unhappy with their men You are talking to a man you […]

Why You Are Still Single (for guys)

You are single not because of the big things you fail to do but because of the little things you do. When a woman says something, she doesn’t mean what she says. If a woman asks you if you want to go eat, gentlemen, here’s the tipping point, this is not about you. Typically you […]


Most of us consider success something that’s limited to the great people in society. Those that are intellectually smart. Those that are physically attractive. Those with leadership qualities etcetera. Funny enough, none of this is the reason why people become  successful. Its simply resilience. Never quiting and trying every time you fail. In a quote, […]